............................. Sound engineer available for live or recording work - contact

Currently working at: Elektromania Studios, Hastings


> contemporary music composition
> 6 months E Germany playing with Dirk Shovel
> poetry

> Pizza on the Park Kensington - now ended (Sep2004)
> Jamie Cullum, Yolanda Quant, Steve Lodder
> Hugo's(ex Organic Cafe) Queens Park - David Soul
> Camberwell Arts College talks - Grayson Perry, Andrew Motion, Simon Hughes



> Promotion of Lithuanian Jazz/contemporary musicians....ongoing(Aug 2004)
> Production work with singer/guitarist 'Ben'...ongoing(Sep 2004)
> Production work with artiste 'Neil' - contemporary
> Commissions for composing incidental music

All types of functions -

Jazz, pop, country, soul, rhythm&blues, classical,
meetings, lectures, functions

Composing backing tracks for singers, film TV and radio.



1975 Started own 4-track in garage with Dokorder 4-track/Alice
console. Studio band 'Sattva'.

1979 Sinewave 8tudios, Moseley, Bham England
Keyboard session work, live sound and recording
Basil(ex Steel Pulse)Steve 'Tin-Tin' Duffy, Babylon Rebels, Mystic Revelation,

Played keyboards for touring band 'Wide Boys

1982 Planned & built 'new' Sinewave 24t in Gas St,Birmingham.
Assistant manager - Admin, bookings, maintenance, session and recording work.

clients: Roy Harper, Chris Woods, Basil Gabbidon, ATV television, Roy Wood, Nightcatchers

1986 Freelance recordist in Midlands
Wayne Ebanks, Jane Vaughan, XPD8, Karen, Transient Desire

1989 Gooseberry Studios, Soho, London 16/24/40t recording
Assistant manager
Shaman, Billy Nash, Bertie Grant(- Carol Thompson), Pete Houghton, Commercial voiceovers,
mastering, inhouse projects

1991 Falconer Studios, N London

1992 Live sound for various bands in S and E London
late Tunji Martins, Sharp Teeth, Thriller U

1993 Producing and overseeing music for a film in Lithuania
5 months in Lithuania

1993 Introduced the Oktava range of microphones into the West - MK 219, and changed the
mic industry for ever....:)

1996- 2003 Part-time Heartbeat Studios, S London and various freelance commissions, conference
and talks recording

1998 redesigned Lithuania studio

Recent work includes jazz venues as above and home studio commission work.........contact

2005 producing rap music in Medway - Lkila, Kronik, Jamil

2008 making own music, spending time in Germany with video for Olympic games(funny)

2008 writing and feature on myspace.com/brettofromtheghetto

Bretto Nov 2010