"La France!" Nathalie exclaimed. She is of French origin, having moved to England to work in 1995
and stayed.
"Mais oui!" I retorted and we both laughed and felt exhiliarated being in Calais. All we had to do was drive for a while and then have a sleep.
The van was running well apart from a slight noise from a wheelbearing which I had detected a few days earlier. I had thought about getting it checked in Chatham but decided it shouldn't get worse if I take it easy, which I intended to do, and could always get it done somewhere along the route if the worst came to the worst, and especially in Lithuania where it was almost certain I would find a mechanic via my old friends, if needs be.
Lithuania was at least 5 days away as we had to call on a friend in E Germany and it was more than likely we would have to stay - an old english friend I've known for years, he moved there in 2001 to set up a teaching academy with his wife and daughter. Also, we planned to take in Gdansk - looked at it on the map loads of times. There was hardly any traffic, it was 03.00, and we soon left the coast road near Ostende, England far behind, and turned inland towards Gent and Antwerp. After about 2 hours driving we pulled into a service station on the eastern side of Belgium and Nathalie made the bed up and crashed out....

Wednesday 7th April
It was 10am when we awoke, so we prepared ourselves for the day ahead, had a wash, gobbled down some cereals and carried on towards Eindhoven.
Eindhoven is probably better known for it's football team and impressive stadium. The town centre is very clean and like most Dutch towns all neat and tidy with the cyclists having amazing rights of way, even the pedestrians are treated with more respect than I have ever seen in England.
After a cheese toastie in a local cafe we headed out, in the rain, for Wolfsven camping park, recommended by Tourist Information.

It was a large park with several small lakes gradually filling ready for the 'season', and fir trees everywhere.
We had difficulty orientating ourselves as to which way the entrance was relative to our designated site. In the end we parked from under the trees because it rained and the noise of dripping water on the van roof was too much. It wasn't very warm, but we slept well.
It was nice meditating in the morning. The rain had stopped and it was so peaceful.

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