Most of the 'silver' MK219's reside in
Russia, only a few escaping to a new home in the West over the last 15 years.

These remaining mics represent the
quality that was intended for these
mics(TV/Radio broadcast)

220vAC:48vDC Phantom PSU

Dual Channel - Single channel

Take a look
*Sorry, none available(Jun 2008)
Dual ch £34.50 XLR connectors
Single ch £29.50 XLR connectors
Original Oktava Single ch £24.50
(din connectors)

15v versions available also same price
Includes PP UK/Europe only
Elsewhere please contact
(picture of original Oktava PSU
converted to 2ch)

contact elektromania

WANTED! import history
updated NOV 2010..more piks and info to be added

The distinct differences between the 1989 and 1991 model Oktava MK219
(with Original Manual and optional 25m lead*)
*and heavy to post!

Connection - 1989/din, shove-in, screw up, 1991/XLR
Stand attachments
Casing quality

The capsules are unblemished. This particular 1989 model below has serial number 0149